Town of Fleming 2020 Assessment Review (Grievance Day) Procedures.

Based upon the Governor’s Executive Order Number 202.22, we are taking the following steps to attempt to ensure safety of all involved and at the same time protect the rights of property owners under the Real Property Tax Law.

  1. The Board of Assessment Review will meet between 2PM and 4PM and between 6PM and 8PM on Tuesday May 26th, 2020 to hear and examine all complaints in relation to assessments, on the application of any person believing himself to be aggrieved.
  2. Please check the Town website (, including the Assessor’s page, regularly for additional details and any possible updates to these procedures prior to May 26th

AS OF THIS WRITING (4/23/2020):

  1. The public will not be permitted into the Town Hall.  Hearings will be conducted by email, mail, drop box or by phone only.  There is a drop box next to the entrance to the Town Hall.
  2. To have your case heard by the Board of Assessment Review, please call 607-423-3024 to schedule an appointment and receive details for the May 26th meeting.  If necessary, leave a voicemail and I will contact you to set up the appointment.
  3. All properly completed RP-524 forms (Grievance Forms) must be SIGNED by the property owner (part five of the form) and received at the Town by 8 PM Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Grievance Day to be heard.  All supporting documents and information that you wish the Board of Assessment Review to consider must be included with your RP-524 form. 
  4. The RP-524 form and instructions for filling it out can be found at:

Contact the Assessor for further assistance if necessary.